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Groundwater extraction and treatment technology
Technical principle: A method of extracting contaminated groundwater to the surface and then using surface sewage treatment technology for treatment. Through continuous extraction of contaminated groundwater, the scope and degree of pollution are gradually reduced, and the pollutants in the aquifer medium can be removed by transforming into water.
Scope of application: groundwater pollution restoration.
Technical principle of lattice sealing technology
Technical principle: Add curing agent/stabilizer to the contaminated soil, and make it physically and chemically interact with the polluted medium and pollutants after being fully mixed, and consolidate the contaminated soil into a solidified body with a complete structure and a low permeability coefficient, or contaminate The substances are transformed into chemically inactive forms, reducing the migration and diffusion of pollutants in the environment.
Scope of application: suitable for the pollution of heavy metals and metalloids such as cadmium, mercury, lead, chromium, zinc, copper, nickel, and arsenic.
Technical principle of cooperative oxidation technology
Technical principle: By adding oxidants to the soil, the pollutants in the soil are oxidized into low-toxic and easily biodegradable substances or directly degraded, and the pollutants in the soil and water are degraded into small molecules, and the reaction is completely harmless Carbon dioxide, water and other salt ions, etc., completely remove pollutants.
Scope of application: It is suitable for the pollution of benzene series, chlorinated solvents, PCBs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other organic substances.
Technical principle of thermal phase separation technology
Technical principle: By laying heating pipes in situ, the pollutants in the soil are evaporated, and the volatilized organic pollutants are collected and processed by the extraction system.
The contaminated soil is excavated and heated by a heat treatment device to evaporate the pollutants away from the polluted medium.
Scope of application: suitable for the treatment of contaminated soil, waste residue, sludge, volatile and semi-volatile organic pollutants and mercury.
Technical principle of permeable reactive wall
Technical principle: Install a permeable active material wall underground to intercept the pollutant plume. When the pollutant plume passes through the reaction wall, the pollutants can be removed or transformed by precipitation, adsorption, redox, and biodegradation in the permeable reaction wall. , So as to achieve the purpose of groundwater purification.
Scope of application: It is suitable for polluting groundwater and can deal with pollution of benzene series, petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and metals.

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