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  Dear customers and friends from all walks of life:

First of all, on behalf of all employees of Jiangsu Dabang Environmental Construction Co., Ltd., I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all Chinese and foreign friends who care about and support the development of our company!

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with the great attention of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, environmental protection has gradually moved from the periphery to the center of the stage. "Ecological civilization" has been listed as one of the five elements of socialist civilization, and "green new development" has also been included. Become one of the core elements of the 14th Five-Year Plan. 
"The road is like a string, the country will rejuvenate the country", Dabang people will move forward courageously with a sense of mission and social responsibility of "returning the earth to green waters and mountains". The company closely focuses on "market gaps, government pain points, and social needs". According to the development requirements of “scale, high-end, and high efficiency”, four key sectors including the Emergency Response Division, the Ecological Restoration Division, the Ecological Landscape Engineering Center, and the Environmental Investigation and Countermeasures Research Institute were established, through project cooperation and technical cooperation, etc. Cooperation mode, comprehensively establish an environmental protection industry chain integrating R&D, design, construction, operation and maintenance, and service "five in one".

Dabang people began to be practitioners of the "Two Mountains Theory" and took this as their vision. In recent years, we have cooperated with many well-known domestic universities in industry, university and research, and conducted academic discussions with foreign environmental experts, which have yielded fruitful results. In addition, it has completed a number of environmental protection surveys and restoration projects in the field of soil restoration and water treatment, and has accumulated rich experience in environmental restoration. In the field of ecological landscape engineering construction, it has won the national high-quality project-"Luban Award", and the project quality has won all sectors of society. Recognition.

"Tourists stand up to the top of the tide", environmental protection is the cause of people's livelihood, and the environmental protection industry is a sunrise industry. Dabang Environment appreciates every individual and organization who cares about and supports the company's development, and is full of vitality because of your care and support. "Going alone is fast, everyone goes far", let us work together to create a brilliant tomorrow for environmental protection! Let us walk hand in hand and make our due contribution to the ecological civilization where man and nature live in harmony!

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